Ch. VCh. Koh-I-Noor´s Light Raul

28.02.2015 21:50

Ch. Koh-I-Noor´s Light Raul

Ch. Bad&Mad Serbian Suprice in Raul Ich. Spotnik's Special Selection Ch. Spotnik's Quick Quackery Ch. Perdita's Inside Information
Ch. Spotnik's New Network
Ch. Spotnik's Milkmaid Ch. Timanka´s Talented Clown
Ch. Spotnik's Emily Brown
Ch. T-Cart Made by Love Ch. Knight of Gold at Theakston Ch Beaumore Night Owl of Olbero
Konavlje Stela D'oro
Ich. T-Cart Irish Coffee T-Cart Zack
Ch. Perdita´s Key to Heaven
Ch. Heart of Bad&Mad in Raul Timanka's Just Harvesting

Timanka's Harvest Gold

Ich. Perdita's Inside Information
Ch. Timanka's Victoria Falls
Ich. Timanka's Collector Item T-Cart Unicus
Ch. Timanka's Victoria Falls
Djeany's Dinag of Dalbury's Clan

Ich. Andrew of the Stallions Stable

Bernardo v. Dallydis 
Amiga of Hansel House

Dainty Djeany of Dalbury's Clan

Ich. Olbero Ozonelayer
Ich. Krystel of the Dalmatian Kennel